Another Year

I'm so excited that I finished this poem! It is my first villanelle, though I have attempted to write one before. A villanelle is a highly structured rhyming poem with repeating refrains. It contains nineteen lines composed of five tercets (stanzas of three lines) and one quatrain (a stanza of four lines). The first and... Continue Reading →


fake people

I started this poem last night and finished it this morning. In keeping with the subject matter, the poem itself has a little something hidden inside. See if you can figure it out. ;p This poem rhymes in couplets and has inconsistent meter.     fake people   hiders of secrets and holders of lies,... Continue Reading →

Modern Poetry

I began writing this poem on Tuesday this week for a class assignment and have spent about four hours on it since then. It is a cento, which is a collage of other texts. I decided to use only Robert Frost quotes to write this poem. The sources are cited at the end. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Political Correctness

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I actually wrote this poem at the beginning of this semester, but saved it for a more recent class assignment. I thought the subject matter important enough to put on paper. This poem is of inconsistent meter in rhyming quatrains of abab.   Political Correctness Political correctness is killing... Continue Reading →

The Holocaust and Today

I began writing this poem on September 18th, after hearing Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss speak at the Mabel Tainter on the 13th. I was immediately inspired to write about her experiences and the horrors of this sad part of history. I originally wrote this poem for a class assignment, which was a minimum of 10... Continue Reading →


I was inspired to write this poem yesterday after reading another poem in free verse, which is unrhymed poetry in lines of inconsistent meter. This particular poem is also written after the poetic style of e.e. cummings, who did not use traditional grammar or punctuation. I wrote this in about 30 minutes after looking up... Continue Reading →

I Lose Myself, I Find Myself

I finally finished a new poem! I was unable to post one last week because my sister got married, and I was so busy helping prepare for the wedding that I did not have much time to write. Anyway, I wrote this poem over the past week. It is in the form of In Memoriam stanzas,... Continue Reading →

My Life Is Like the Sea

I decided to write a poem today about the ocean. This poem is based on personal experience, and the above photo is one that I took myself while in Florida earlier this year. I wrote this poem in unrhymed iambic pentameter, also known as blank verse. As far as I know, this is my longest... Continue Reading →

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