Driving Home

The best poetry comes from the worst pain. You can quote me on that.   Driving Home Maybe I'll hit a deer Maybe I'll choke on my own tears These are the thoughts that I think As I cannot blink Through my blurry vision. I'm caught in a collision Between two fears: Not seeing you...... Continue Reading →



Similar to my poem "Skittish Puppy," this poem describes something that is only explicitly stated in the title. The ending is a metaphor.   Gazebo A shelter that cannot be locked, Where storms pass through but cannot rock, And all sides are open to the sun. When you’re looking for peace, where do you run?... Continue Reading →


This is a melancholy poem. It is written in tercets that rhyme abcd. The style of four repeating sounds written in groupings of three is meant to make the poem sound off-kilter, much like the feeling it expresses.   Gray It's gray today Inside my head And outside my window As the clouds roll in. I... Continue Reading →

Last Night, Today, Tomorrow, Someday

I wrote this poem almost a year ago. It contains four quatrains each rhyming abab.   Last Night, Today, Tomorrow, Someday Last night I penned a blooming, thorn-stemmed flower In darkest ink of purple I could find Upon the bare skin of my side. That power's Catharsis I had hoped would soothe my mind. Today... Continue Reading →

the problem with poetry

I wrote a portion of this poem too long ago to remember when it was, and I just finished it today. The last line of every stanza rhymes.   the problem with poetry the problem with poetry is that everything i wish to say has already been said. how can i outdo the masters of... Continue Reading →

The Time Between Us

This poem is about two lovers that are parted and reunited many years later. It is a short little octet (eight lines) that rhymes aabbccdd. I wrote it simply-- let the reader imagine the rest of the details of this story.   The Time Between Us   I should not have let you go When... Continue Reading →

Como un Fuego

I finally got around to finishing a new poem. This one is in Spanish! It's the first time I have written a poem in Spanish, and my level is only intermediate. But I did my best and would love any feedback, especially from Spanish-fluent readers. The poem is in quatrains that rhyme aabb.   Como un... Continue Reading →


I wrote most of this poem in January but had some unused ideas leftover at the time. I was finally able to finish it this week. The poem is pretty self-explanatory: it's a paradoxical metaphor of the color red. It rhymes aabccb in inconsistent meter.   Red Of blood and of roses, Verity imposes Through profoundest... Continue Reading →

I Can Only Promise This

I have been working on this poem over the past week. It is written in quatrains of inconsistent meter that rhyme abab.   I Can Only Promise This I cannot promise to tell all-- Just details pertinent-- And though not unabridged, it shall Be my life's story unbent. I cannot promise to be unmarred From all... Continue Reading →

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